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Tellychakkar enters into a conversation with Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa's Drashti Dhami and her choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan

Drashti Dhami and her choreographer Salman Yusuff Khan
Colors’ Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa is back with Season 6. And, while talking about the show, how can we forget about its super cool and talented contestants?
Amongst the twelve contestants, we got in conversation with the lovely lass Drashti Dhami. Drashti, as we all know is stabbing hearts with her impeccable performance as Madhu in Colors’ Madhubala (Nautanki Telefilms).
So what was your first reaction when you were offered Jhalak? “I got pretty excited, but later when people started calling to wish me luck, I got a little scared. I thought that it would be a big task for me to cope up and balance both Jhalak… andMadhubala. Though I am having sleepless nights, I am thoroughly enjoying the journey. So, I am hoping for the best,” she avers.
Tell us something about your choreographer Salman (Yusuff Khan)? “When I came to know that Salman is my choreographer, my first reaction was like ‘wow’. But the very second line I got to listen from Salman is, “I am a perfectionist and until you don’t get your steps correctly, I won’t let you go home.” And, believe me, for a second I was numb but in return, I told him that when I am tired I get snappy. But, all said and done, he is a very patient and hard working guy,” observes Drashti.
Now Salman, what was your reaction when you got to know that Drashti would be partnering you? “Well, when I met her for the first time, I could not judge her but after our first rehearsals I was happy and thought that yes, together, with hard work, we can put up a good show.”
Can you name one particular judge you and Drashti are really scared of? “Frankly speaking, Drashti is scared of all the three judges. Like for her very first performance, she was every bit nervous. But I am trying to de-stress her,” maintains Salman.
Drashti, who do you think is your competitor in Jhalak…? “We haven’t given a thought about it yet, because everybody is good and giving their best. So, genuinely we don’t know who among us would excel. And yes, anyone can come out as a surprise package and so can we,” Drashti answers.
Salman, you have always tried something different in the earlier seasons of the show. So this time around, what new we can watch and expect from you on stage? “Yes, this time also I will try something new because nowadays audiences have become very smart. They understand everything about choreography like what is hip pop, contemporary, locking and popping. So, we will entertain the viewers every single time in a new way,” ends the confident-looking Salman.
Drashti and Salman, go for it!!!

Neil to propose Nandini; wants her back in life in Zee TV's Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan

Bhaumik Sampat and Additi Gupta
With Neil (Bhaumik Sampat) coming back in Nandini’s (Additi Gupta) life, their love story has got a push in Zee TV’s Badalte Rishton Ki Dastaan (Ravi Ojha Productions). However, the lady isn’t ready to move out of her past. And if sources are to be believed, Neil is about to show her the mirror.
As seen so far, Neil and Nandini were in a relationship before he left for his medical studies. But, equations changed between the two as he did not get back to her. She then went ahead and married Anirrudh (Abhinav Shukla).
But now Neil is back and has also learnt about Nandini’s situation. Therefore, he wants her to get back in his life. In fact, in the upcoming episodes, he will invite her to his place and the pretty lady will visit her ex-lover. This is when they will go through a flashback of their moments in togetherness while they were in love.
With the past memories starting to make their presence felt, Neil will suggest Nandini to come back in his life but she will decline the offer. But, the kind of person Neil is, he will not give up and try to persuade her by saying ill things about her husband. In spite of knowing that Annirudh’s memories would hurt Nandini, he will continue talking about Annirudh’s affair with another woman and call him a cheat. This will agitate Nandini so much that she will walk out of his house.
So, will Nandini ponder on Neil’s proposal? Well it’s for the audiences to wait and watch.
When we contacted Bhaumik, he said, “Nandini is still in love with Neil and he knows it very well. Therefore, he will try filling the empty space in her life.”
Keep reading this space for more updates.

Sony TV's Khoobsurat to wrap up due to low TRPs?

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat
It’s a strange world, you see, where issues crop up every now and then. And our story–somewhat- revolves around identical parameters.
Okay, without beating around the bush, let’s share with our readers what info we received earlier in the day from our sources.
It is learnt that the unit of Sony Entertainment Television’s show Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat (Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions Pvt Ltd) is a bit miffed with the news flying around that the channel might take a call on this mistaken identity show due to low TRP numbers (latest 0.5).
A well-placed channel source did confirm to us that they might indeed “ponder on wrapping up the project”.
However, when we spoke to the lead girl Soumya Seth, she struck the “rubbish” chord and said, “Khoobsurat in the coming days is going to be the best show...and it has the longest life. TRPs will go up, just wait and watch.”
Pretty optimistic…young lady!!!
Moving on, an industry insider says, “I think it is a little unfair with Khoobsurat. With double the publicity Chhanchhan is giving Sony a mere 0.6 and star studdedParvarrish - Kuch Khattee Kuchh Meethi is also hovering around 0.7. Khoobsurat is not even a prime time serial and with a small cast and crew if it is getting numbers equal to other prime properties, what’s really wrong in that? “
Point taken…
Finally, we buzzed Sneha Rajani, (Senior Executive Vice President & Business Head –Sony TV) and asked if Khoobsurat’s going off air, she replied in jest, “I too have been hearing about it since the past three months.”
When further quizzed if low ratings have put the show in the danger zone, she denied it altogether.
Producer Sumeet Mittal remained busy in a meeting and said will get back later. If he does, we will publish his side of the story in a jiffy.
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Surbhi Jyoti 'enchanted' by KSG's more..

Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti
There is something in Karan Singh Grover (KSG) that attracts women like flies. This handsome hunk, currently a part of Zee TV’s Qubool Hai (4 Lions Films), seems to enchant his female co-stars in whatever show he does.
Yes, the actor has Greek God looks and a personality to die for. And he has had many romantic liaisons in his life and is currently married to beautiful belle Jennifer Winget (Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra).
Okay…without digging too much into his past, let’s focus on the present.
Our khabru has informed us that KSG’s charm is now attracting his young co star from his show, Surbhi Jyoti.
This cute girl is all over him but there is a glitch. Usually a ladies’ man, KSG is not paying any attention to Surbhi. May be wifey Jennifer has warned him against pulling any more such stunts (wink wink).
However, when we spoke to Surbhi, she first laughed heartily and then said, “People like to gibber and may be the intimate scenes in the show have led to such ideas.”
So what is your off screen chemistry with the hunk? “KSG is a far senior actor, so we are not even friends for we don’t hang out tougher. He gels with far more senior actors in the industry.”
Here Surbhi adds, “I guess marriage to Jennifer has changed KSG for the better as when I ask him about all his earlier reported escapades, he says they had happened when he was young.”
She continues, “Many actors who had worked with him before also say that he is a different KSG now. He is not a ladies’ man anymore. He is well-behaved not only to me, but to other women on set as well. He is a great help to all us newcomers. He gives you tips in terms of lights and dialogue delivery etc. He is very lucky to have found a beautiful and sweet wife in Jennifer; she likes me and calls me a kid.”
All efforts to reach Karan proved futile.
Surbhi…infatuation is the word!!!

Sultan to stop RK (Vivian) and Madhubala’s wedding in Madhubala

Sultan to stop RK (Vivian) and Madhubala’s wedding in MadhubalaIt’s time for climax in the ongoing drama of RK (Vivian Dsena) and Madhubala's (Drashti Dhami) wedding inMadhubala - Ek IShq Ek Junoon.
Finally the day is coming destined for their marriage. And sultan is determined to stop this marriage at any cost.
RK and Madhubala’s wedding is coming close and Padmini has asked for special favor from Sultan to stop this wedding and save Madhubala.
In previous episode, RK and Madhubala's haldi ceremony got over. It's time that they both complete rest of the customs to finally get married.
Apart from family lots of guests are invited from media, bollywood and orphanages as well as per Madhubala’s wish.
In the coming episode Sultan will promise Padmini that he will go to the wedding of RK and Madhubala and will try to convince Madhubala not to marry RK.
Sultan also has some other plans to stop marriage in case Madhubala do not agree to Sultan.

Zoya aka Surbhi jyoti falling for Asad aka Karan Singh Grover off screen!

Mumbai: Small screen actor Karan Singh Grover who plays Mr Six Pack Asad Ahmad Khan in the most popular show of Zee TV 
Qubool Hai
, has a persona which attract girls like flies, now buzz is that his co-star Zoya aka Surbhi Jyoti is inching towards the actor.
Karan is currently married to beautiful lady Jennifer Winget who plays the lead, Kumud in the daily soap Saraswatichandra.
Telly Chakkar revealed that Mr Khan's charm is attracting Surbhi but the problem is that Grover is not paying any attention to Jyoti, may be his wife has warned him against this.
When Surbhi was asked about it, she first laughed and then said, "People like to gibber and may be the intimate scenes in the show have led to such ideas."
She added, "KSG is a far senior actor, so we are not even friends for we don't hang out tougher. He gels with far more senior actors in the industry, I guess marriage to Jennifer has changed KSG for the better as when I ask him about all his earlier reported escapades, he says they had happened when he was young."
She continues, "Many actors who had worked with him before also say that he is a different KSG now. He is not a ladies' man anymore. He is well-behaved not only to me, but to other women on set as well. He is a great help to all us newcomers. He gives you tips in terms of lights and dialogue delivery etc. He is very lucky to have found a beautiful and sweet wife in Jennifer; she likes me and calls me a kid."

'Lapataganj' back on public demand

After a successful 850 episodes, "LapataGanj" went off the air. The comedy show is now back with a leap of six years and the makers say they have brought the second season at viewers' request.
The new season is titled "Lapataganj Ek Baar Phir!" and it will show residents of the town getting access to facilities like water, electricity and mobile phone and how in spite of the minimal supply, they continue to live a contented life.
The beloved couple Indumati (Sucheta Khanna) and Mukundi (Rohitashv Gaur) will continue to play the protagonists alongside popular characters such as Kachua Chacha (Vineet Kumar">Vineet Kumar), Chukundi (Sanjay Chaudhury), Eiji and Biji Pandey (Abbas Khan), Surili (Aditi Telang), Mishri Mausi (Subhangi Gokhale), Chotu Mama (Anoop Upadhyay), Elizabeth Yadav (Krishna Bhatt) and Lallanji (Rakesh Shrivastav).
Anooj Kapoor, EVP and business head, SAB TV, said: "The show is back on public demand. We received numerous requests from our viewers to bring back the show and the characters that had won them over with their performances."
"The show will have a leap of six years. We now have ATM and mobile phone and there are a few new characters added to it but it will have the same old flavour," Kapoor added.
In the new season, Rohitashv's character gets a promotion. He gets a new scooter and adds a new floor to his old house.
Rohitashv said: "I always knew the show would be back. The show relates to every household in some way."
Sucheta, excited with the comeback of the show, said: "This is the most successful character of my career. I am delighted to be part of the show again."
The show will go on air June 10 at 10 p.m. on SAB TV.

Qubool Hai - Pic's

Punar Vivaah - 31st May, 2013 [HD]

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 31st May, 2013 [HD]

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 - 31st May, 2013 [HD]

Qubool Hai - 31st May, 2013 [HD]

Madhubala - 31st May, 2013 [HD]

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat - 31st May, 2013 [HD]

Saraswatichandra - 31st May, 2013 [HD]

Qubool Hai - 31st May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Part 1
Ayan calls on Nikhats moby n its Haseenas sis who receives the call! Ayan asks if that hope that Fatty lady is not troubling her..! (Chand bi) Haseena’s sis says..even if disrespectfully .. nice to speak to him..! Ayan feels guilty..! He asks of Nikhat n.she replies that she sent Imran-Nikhat alone. to visit Dargah. as car had broken down! Ayan asks sent them alone they cant keep the visit incomplete! Ayan ends the call! He shares the details with Badi Bee! .. Badi Bee suspects something is wrong n Ayan is worried!
Asad asks Dilshad why Zoya is acting like a ki d n Dilshad says..that poor gal.. n Asad says..she is not poor gal..! Dilshad says.. Tanvir has hid a lot from them too anyone else would doubt too! Asad says..he understands but ..she can ask proplery . .why misbehave! Too childish! Dislhad says.. its not childishness. .its care n concern..for their family! She makes Asad sit and says.. what will Zoya gain by finding more about Tanvir? She is doing it for him..! read full updates daily with pics only at Dilshad tells Asad that Zoyas methods might be wrong but intent is good .. n who doesnt make mistkaes? She says.. AsYa have to spend long time together.. sometimes..he n sometimes she will make mistakes..! But it dun mean he socld her before all … miya biwi fights should be between them! She asks Asad that he will understand..1 She says. her bahu is very nice n Asad smirks..! Dilshad syas.. I m sorry n I love u .. will do the trick..! She says.. 3 words will do the trick but dunno why he is taking ages? Asad says..he will go n talk to her..!
Part 2
Asad is talking to himself that its only three words.. how difficult can it be? He resolves to tell Zoya today! Zoya is climbing on a ladder to Tanvirs room..! Asad comes out and asks her what she is doing? Zoya loses balance and falls and lands on top of Asad.. .! BG- Mitwa..! AsYa eyelocks..!
Asad gets up. .feeling shy and Zoya gets up on her own! She asks it way to push someone? Asad is tryign to explain! Zoya says.. is it way to respect someone? Asad says..she fell on him so no time to respect! He asks her what she is doing here? Zoya syas..din have time to bother..! Zoya says..she came to check on Tanvir.. as her room door was closed! She informs Asad that she is alseep..! Asad asks her to go sleep n she tells him to sleep n she goes n Asad too!
Zoya goes back to sneak into Tanvirs room!
Imran-Nikhat are walking..! Nikhate tells him that legs hurt..cant walk! Imran says.. phone is in car..n car cant come to them.. they have to reach .on their own! Nikhat tells him not to worry n that they are near by! Nikhat tries to get up..but she is not able to.. n falls down! Imran tells Nikhat that guess she wont be able to walk ..! He sees a hotel n says..they can go n wait.. there and he will call his aunt n she will come there! Nikhat hesitates but agrees!
Zoya enters Tanvirs room ..! Tanvir turns in her sleep n Zoya ducks..! Zoya self thot that m sure.. Tanvir is lying about many things n the proof of it is here.. so need to search..! Zoya starts to flip thru tanvirs file n her hand lands on Zoya.s. n Zoya removes her hand..! She checks Tanvirs hand nwondrs whree the burn marks are …n says..thats why she din feel pain when Najma pulled her hand..! She says..she saw herself.. then where did it go! Zoya sees the burn skin patches lying on Tanvirs dressing table.. n is shocked..! She deduces that Tanvir is lying about having burns!
The hotel manager welcomes Imran-Nikhat … ! Imran asks to call up his aunt..! The hotel manager gapes at Nikhat..! He sings ‘Hot raseele’! Ayan reaches that hotel and asks for Imran.. n Nikhat.. but hotel manager refuses to give straight answer..! Ayan leaves from there..! Imran – Nikhat wonder what to do..! Imran assures he will do something..! He asks if they will get a taxi? Hotel manager says..they will get a room not car..! Imran says..they have to spend night here… n asks for two room ! Hotel Manager says.. only 1 room there..! Nikhat feels freaked..! Hotel Manager says..better to wait.. there n leave in morning..! Hotel Manager asks to take Nikhat to room no. 8 … !
Hotel Manager informs Razia. .that they have arrived n she smirks.. saying trap is laid.. just the bird should get trapped.. n then Ayan will do all to save per her wishes..!
Next day morning… Dilshad is talking about Zoyas mehendi n tells to write Asads name on Zoyas hand..! Najma complaintsabout old designs! Asad comes in the hall ..he is on the phone! Dilshad calls Asad to come ncheck the designs..! Asad says busy but Dilshad says nothing more imp that wedding! Dilshad shows Asad the designs! Mehendi lady is asking if she should write his name in english on her hand..! Zoya gets idea n asks Dilshad that Tanvir should be there too! Dislhad asks Najma but Zoya says she will bring tanvir! Tanvir is looking around for the fake burn patches. . n conlcudes Zoya must have done all this..n that she must have told all ..! Zoya come to Tanvir.. n asks why so scared? She says. .no reason..! Zoya tells Tanvir .. Dilshad is asking for.her ..!
Part 3
Najma shows Zoya the design she chose..! Zoya says its very nice…she asks Tanvir to select from her side..! She then teases .. n says.. oh her hand is burnt.. badly..! Zoya says.. still she should select.. coz injuries heal overnight! Dilshad says.. burn injuries dun heal so fast! Zoya says..they do… especially when the injuries are fake..! Dilshad asks Zoya what she means? Zoya asks Tanvir to show her hand . .to everyone n show how deep her burn injuries are! Asad asks whats the new drama? Zoya says.. Tanvir is doing drama. .she is lying n she has proof against Tanvir..! Zoya shows everyone the fake burn skin patches..! Tanvir falls silent..!
Precap — Zoya asks Tanvir to show her burn injuries.. n Tanvir is in tears..! Asad is pained..! Zoya insists and Tanvir starts to remove the dupatta from her arm.. !
Imran tells Ayan that all know about his family and Rasheed! Ayan attacks Imran n all stop him! Imran turns to leave but says that…they will pay for this insult..! Razia smirks..!

Pavitra Rishta - 31st May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Episode starts with Archu asking about Ovi, Arjun, and their daughter. She says, I want to meet them.. want to play with their daughter. Purvi says, Pari is with Arjun. Archu says, such a sweet name. She asks them to call Pari here. Purvi goes outside to send Arjun in.
Arjun is sitting in the lobby with Pari. Purvi tells him that Archu wants to see him and Pari. She asks him to take Pari with him as well. Arjun leaves.
Purvi then calls Ovi. Ovi sees her name and disconnects in anger. Purvi calls again. This time Ovi picks up and shouts at her. Purvi says, I called to tell you about aai. Ovi calms down now and asks what happened to aai, if everything is fine? Purvi says, aai came out of the coma.. we talked with her and everything is fine. Ovi gets happy. Purvi says, but doctor said that aai doesn’t know anything about what happened after that incident. She says we have to be normal in front of her. Purvi asks her to call Archu if possible, and don’t tell her anything.
Archu is playing with Pari. She then asks Arjun about Ovi. Arjun doesn’t know what to say. and right then he gets Ovi’s call. He asks her, how are you? Ovi says, I didn’t call to talk with you.. give to aai. Arjun passes the phone to Archu. Ovi gets emotional and starts crying hearing Archu’s voice. Archu says, now I am fine.. you can meet me anytime you want.. you can live with me as well. She then asks Ovi, why didn’t you come to meet me? Where are you right now? Ovi says, canada. Archu asks, what are you doing there? Your daughter is so small and you left her alone. Ovi says, I had some important work so I had to come. Archu says, there can’t be any more important work than Pari. Archu explains Ovi, Pari needs you right now.. don’t leave her alone. And when are you coming back? Ovi says, I will be back very soon. Before hanging, Archu tells her to talk with Arjun, but Ovi refuses saying she has some work.
Archu now asks about Onir to Purvi. Purvi says, he went out for an emergency case. Once he’s back, he will meet you.
Purvi returns home with Pari. Shalini opens the door and asks her, you’re back so early? How’s your aai? Purvi answers, she is fine now. Onir is then telling about him planning for dinner outside. Purvi says, I want to talk with Onir alone.. Shalini goes outside and listens their conversation.
Purvi is angry at Onir as he didn’t go to meet Archu. Onir says, I am too busy with work. Purvi says, I cannot believe you’re saying this.. you used to care about others more than yourself. Shalini gets happy as they are fighting. Purvi says, why are you so changed now? etc.. Onir gets mad and says, enough.. I don’t to hear your nonsense anymore. He leaves from there.
Purvi is crying. Shalini comes in and asks her if she is fine.. and if she wants her to do anything. Purvi says, there’s no need for that.
Back in hospital, Gauri does Archu’s checkup and tells her everything is normal now. Archu thanks Gauri and says, it’s all thanks to you. If you were not there, then I wouldn’t be alive today. Soham comes there with juice. Archu introduces Gauri to Soham. Gauri forwards her hand to him, but he doesn’t shake hands and just says Namaste, joining his hands. Archu asks Soham, where are you living right now? Soham says, I am living in this city only and is about tell her more.. but Gauri stops him. She says, it’s time for her to rest now. Soham goes outside.
When Gauri comes outside, Soham and her have an argument. He asks her how you dared to send me out? Gauri explains him that Archu doesn’t know anything about what happened in last 2 months and they have to behave as if everything is normal. Their argument continues, Gauri then leaves saying with whom I am arguing.
In night, Purvi comes back to the hospital. She meets Arjun. Arjun thanks her for calling Ovi and telling everything about Archu. He then asks her about Onir. Purvi says, he didn’t come.. and he is so changed now. She then gets quiet. Arjun says, you can share your problem with me. I know what you’re going through and it’s all connected to Onir. Did you find out anything about Kimshukh and Shalini? Purvi says, Shalini got job in Onir’s company so soon she will leave. Arjun says, I told Onir if Shalini needs any job, then she can work in my company. Purvi says, he didn’t tell me anything about that. Arjun says, I had doubt on him from before.. And before he says anything else, Onir comes there so Arjun gets quiet.
Purvi gets surprised and asks him, you’re here? Onir says, yes.. I am here. He laughs and says, first you were complaining that I don’t come to see aai, and when I come you get surprised. He says, you should be because I caught you two meeting with each other behind my back. Does Arjun again have excuse of Pari? Purvi says, you’re doubting on me? He says, no.. I am just saying you two don’t need to meet behind my back because I don’t have any problem. And Arjun is Pari’s father in end. Arjun tells him, you don’t need to talk like that to Purvi. Onir says, wait a minute.. she is my wife.. you don’t need to interfere between us. I never interfered between you two. He asks them to carry on and leaves.
Arjun tells Purvi, I am sorry but I was talking about this behaviour only. He then tells her that he hired a detective. Purvi gets surprised. Arjun says, i am sorry.. I know i should have told you about it first, but now after seeing his behaviour like this.. I think I did the right thing. I don’t want his past to affect Pari and you.
Purvi tells him to keep Pari with him until Archu finds out everything. Arjun says, but how will you be able to live without her? Purvi says, I will manage.. just make sure aai doesn’t find out the truth. She leaves from there and goes to Archu’s room.
Purvi tells her, I brought home made food for you. Archu says, give me fast.. I am very hungry. Savita tells Archu that Teju learned cooking now. Archu is surprised. Teju says, I started with kandhapuri. Archu says, when I come home.. make kandhapuri for me. Archu now asks about Sunny and Teju’s rishta. Savita says her and Manav took care of everything in her absence. Archu says, it’s good you agreed.. we will get Teju and Sunny married very soon.
Archu asks Manav to call Ovi and asks her when she’s coming. Manav says, she said she will finish her work and come after a week.. so just wait.
Precap: Ovi comes to the hospital before a week is done and Archu is happy to see her.

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Saraswatichandra - 31st May, 2013 - Written Update!!

The Episode starts with kumud crying standing at the terrace. Saras comes downstairs, and thinks about what they spoke. He thinks about Kumud’s harsh words, and that she is feeling guilty about yesterday night.
Sunny comes and asks Saras whether she told yes for marriage, he asks what happened yesterday, Saras says stop it. Sunny says he has made Saras his love guru, and his girlfriend is not taking his call. Kusum comes and thanks Saras, for saying yes to Kumud. Sunny smiles. Kusum says when your proposal came, she and Kumud went to Puja, and there is a huge line, and Kumud prayed standing far and gave milk to a boy. She says she told her that if you get a groom and not love, so Kumud says the love is in them. You both have the same relation. Saras leaves listening this.
Kumari says we will meet soon Babuji, and she has to talk many things about her. Kumari cries, and Badimaa comes there and she asks with whom she was talking in the morning, She says Chaya. Badimaa says the call came again, and it was a man’s voice. Kumari says it might have come for someone else. Badimaa says I thought it came for you, he was saying to meet near Karkhana, he then disconnected the call. Badimaa says till when you will lie to me, Kumari says till you lie to me.
Kumud’s mother comes and asks for Kumud, she asks Kumari to look for her and send her to kitchen. Badimaa is tensed by Kumari’s answer. Badimaa comes for Vidyachatur and meet Laxminandan, he says I was embarrassed for Saras’s no, and when he came infront of her, he did not understand, he says you understood Saras’s heart and gave him time, so now they are going to make a relation, thanks. She says he is Saraswati’s son, he will listen to his heart. He says Saras got forgiveness because he did not cheat, but I.. Badimaa asks him to forget everything. She says I took Saras’s responsibility after Saraswati, and she has fulfilled it. Vidyachatur comes, Badimaa asks him to come to her room. He says ok, and have a tea with Laxminandan.
He says when you told about Saras’s no, I felt bad, I felt it happened because of me. He says we made a mistake, Laxminandan feels his mistake, he says he could not have told about the relation with Ghuman, and when he came for his marriage, he knew he could not have left Ghuman, he did wrong with Badimaa. Vidyachatur says what you did was right, if I came to know about you and Ghuman later, I would have not forgiven you. Laxminandan says you forgive me as we were friends, but I was under a burden which Kumud and Saras lightened. The relation are made which were not there earlier.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud comes to kitchen and sees her mum cooking, she says did you call me. She says yes, I forgot to light diya in mandir, and gives her some work. Kumud comes in and takes a vessel. Kumud’s mother notices some changes in her. She says what is this, see your hair, why are they like this. Kumud says I went upstairs so maybe.. Kumud is unable to face her mother. Kumud puts water on her clothes, her mother asks her to change her clothes. Kumud leaves.
Laxminandan is talking to his manager about his business, he comes to Saras, and asks do you remember the design which you made, the clients are saying they cannot make it. They talk about business. Laxminandan is happy that Saras is dealing well. He says I had much burden, and took it away by saying yes to Kumud. He asks him no to do any mistake. Laxminandan says I made business work, but I did not become a good husband and a good dad. He asks him to become a good husband. He says he has to leave for Dubai soon, and that they will select a day for the marriage.
Kumud comes to the mandir, and could not face her Lord, she lights the diya. She does the puja and her mother comes, she asks what happened you today, she asks for the aarti.
She stops Kumud, and Kumud gives her the aarti. Kumud could not look into her mother’s eyes, her mother is shocked and does not understand her behavior, the aarti is about to fall, but does not. Her mother takes it and keep it in the mandir. She tales Kumud along with her to her room, and closes the door, she says she is seeing her since morning, what happened.
She says what is the matter, don’t be silent, I m worried. She says I have trusted you always, and supported me. Kumud cries and says how can I say that I have broken your trust. Her mother sits by shock.
Kumud says you have always supported me, but today she does not deserve her trust. I m feeling ashamed to stand infront of you. She hugs her mother and cries. She says I did not realize when I broke my limits. Her mother looks at her shocked. Kumud says she was not your Kumud, now I won’t be able to see in your eyes. Kumud asks her to beat her.
Kumud says, beat me, what have I done. Her mother says keep quiet, nothing happened, erase this story, no one should know about it, not even your dad. She hugs her.
Kumud cries a lot.

Kumud says I have cheated myself too, Badimaa says Kumud’s mother that Saras is like gold, he will keep Kumud happy.

Television Series – Dreams Unlimited – An Escape from Reality!

Karan Singh Grover and Surbhi Jyoti in Qubool Hai
Walking home after school, with friends chattering about school, friends and even teachers. Okay so in today’s age, the scenario isn’t exactly that. Today it is high-powered bikes and cars for some. However, rustic as we may sound, there is some romanticism in walking home after school or on bicycles in uniform with bags slung on shoulders. Then comes the gate to your home and you bid goodbyes to your friends, ring the bell and the door opens. A broad smile, some pleasantries and and instructions from Mother to wash up and come for lunch sometimes is an intrusion. You throw you bag in your room, remove shoes, wash up (Okay, we assume you have been trained well) and then go pick a plate and make a deal with your Mother that you would watch TV while you eat because you have mountain load of homework. Pig’s eye. You know you don’t want to miss your favorite show right now which is a re-run of yesterday’s, but you have to have another look at that hunk you have been dreaming about and wishing for a boy in your life just like the one you see on TV everyday.Shivin Narang and Smiriti Kalra in Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the Year

Shivin Narang and Smiriti Kalra in Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year
Sounds familiar? Well, such is the lure of TV. They create imagery that has transcended reality. Real friends, real relationships and real work takes a back seat when the colorful moments, yes sometimes in slow-motion fill your head with dreams. And these become habit. Habit to desire fantasy like life. And of course, there is nothing wrong in it. For, one who dares to dream works at fulfilling them as well.
Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi in Pavitra Rishta
Rithvik Dhanjani and Asha Negi in Pavitra Rishta
And this is not valid just for the teenagers. People just like us, finishing work at whatever hour, driving or being driven back home (in an auto! whatever did you think?) or perhaps even a bus or train; wonder if the story has moved forward on the show that you keep watching despite your mind telling you, its all make-believe and the story is going to go on forever before the hero and heroine end up together. The villain will create mayhem and predictably they will win a lot many times before they are caught. But you are lured by the expressions of the heroine, her innocence and her spunk or the magic of being lifted in someone’s arms. Yes, real women that we know and we asked even actors have confessed that they are lifted and twirled around in abandon as if they weigh no more than a feather, perhaps only once in their lifetime, if at all. So, dreams are it. Unlimited at that.
Vibhu Raghave and Adiiti Chopra in Suvreen Guggal - Topper of the Year
Vibhu Raghave and Adiiti Chopra in Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year
We, women and men too, are lured away from the usual News, Cricket, Animal Planet, yes the interests are varied switch on to the romantic series or even the kitchen politics variety on television for a little escape from reality. Of course, some of us even find ourselves lured by the so-called reality shows. Do we see some heads nodding as you read this?
Shantanu Maheshwari and Vrushika Mehta in Dil Dosti Dance
Shantanu Maheshwari and Vrushika Mehta in Dil Dosti Dance
Well, that is what we want to know. Do you live or relive vicariously through characters you see on Television? Does the half- hour show transport you to another place? Do the Channels like Zee TV, Sony, Star Plus, Colors, Life Ok and Channel V bring you series that you initially thought would be another run of the mill story but still manages to get you hooked to them day in and day out?
Ram Kapoor and Shakshi Tanwar in Bade Achche Lagte Hain
Ram Kapoor and Shakshi Tanwar in Bade Achche Lagte Hain
Lets Talk. Here are some images we think have made that possible. What do you think?
As you watch the immensely popular shows on TV some of them being Madhubala, Na Bole Tum Aur Na Maine Kuch Kaha, Balika Vadhu on Colors; Punar Vivah, Pavitra Rishta, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, Qubool Hai on Zee TV; Suvreen Guggal – Topper of the Year, Dil Dosti Dance, The Serial on Channel V; Diya Aur Baati Hum, Arjun – Har Yug Mein Aayega Ek, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata on Star Plus; Bade Achche Lagte , Chanchan on Sony TV; Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, Savdhan India on Life Ok, what goes through your mind?

Qubool Hai - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

Saraswatichandra - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

maj 30, 2013

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

Punar Vivaah - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

Madhubala - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

Bade Ache Lagte Hain - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

Pavitra Rishta - 30th May, 2013 [HD]

Saraswatichandra - 30th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

The Episode starts with the girls taking Sejal, saying your groom might be waiting for you. Kumud’s parents see Sejal and say our Kumud will also go like this, but its good that she will go with Saras, she will be very happy with Saras. She says Laxminandan will hurry up for marriage but you ask some time for marriage as the arrangements will be more. He says yes, our Kumud can be with us for some more time.
The bride and groom are shown attending a puja, and they see each other. Meanwhile, Kumud came to Saras, and they both smile seeing each other. (Saras looks free) Kumud asks why did you call me, he says I asked your hand infront of everyone, but you did not give me a reply. He asks will you marry me. She smiles, meaning yes. She brings a garland for Saras.
The bride puts the garland on the groom, and here Kumud does the same with Saras. He sees the flowers and says its Poonam Maasi’s night, and its said that if the girl and boy makes each other wear garlands, then they become husband and wife. He says shall we complete it.
The groom puts the garland on Sejal, and here Saras does it. Kumud wears the garland and smiles. Saras looks at her. (Saras’s sharp looks look brilliant) He says there are many feelings, can I complete them today. He says I had to tell you that you are very beautiful. Kumud runs being shy. Saras runs after her. She smiles.
Sejal and her husband are performing the rituals, and here Saras’s leg falls into some colour, and Kumud brings water and washes his leg. They look at each other. Piya re.. plays..
She touches his feet, and he stands still. Saras smiles. Saras holds her, and Kuch na Kahe.. music plays.. Saras colours Kumud’s cheek, she asks what are you doing, he says I did not tell you but I m saying now, I love you Kumud. (With high intensity) Kumud looks at him, and becomes shy.
Sejal and her guy are taking the pheras, and here Kumud and Saras are spending time with each other. He says Kumud, will you support me the whole life. He then wipes off the colour from her cheeks. (Good way to touch her cheeks again and again, LOL!!!)
Kumud moves somewhat away and he comes to her and takes her along with him. They both look into each other’s eyes, and some flowers are shown next.
Sejal’s marriage is complete and she is shown leaving the house, crying. Everyone are outside the house, to bid adieu to Sejal.
Suddenly, Kumud is shown crying in her room.. Kumari comes to Kumud and asks her to come with her as Sejal is leaving. Saras looks for Kumud, and she is crying with a heavy heart. (Don’t know the reason yet, it might be because they mingled…)
Sejal leaves with her husband, and her mum cries, and everyone come inside the house, calming her. The phone rings, and Kumari takes up the call. Umesh talks to her and asks when are you meeting me, she says I will meet you in the evening. He says I have done your work, and there is a good news for you. He says I have found out about your father, she asks where is he, she sees Badimaa and cuts the call. Badimaa asks her where she is going, she says Badi mama asked me to bring something. The phone rings again, and Badimaa receives the call, Umesh tells come to meet me in Karkhana, Badimaa asks who is it. Badimaa thinks with whom was Kumari talking.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud is crying a lot, and Saras comes to her. He is shocked to see her crying like this. She asks him to go from here. He says listen to me. She says don’t come closer to me, stay away. She runs away. Saras feels sad seeing her.
Kumud goes upstairs and Saras comes after her. Kumud is still crying, he asks will you say what happened. She says did you forget what happened yesterday. She asks him not to come closer, as I don’t want to do any sin. He says please don’t call it a sin, it was my life’s beautiful night, I was with the one who I love the most, it was our love’s moments. She tells don’t let me recollect, she asks him to go. He asks what was wrong in it, don’t you trust me, do you doubt on my love. She says no.
He says then how is it a sin, it was our world, she says there are some rules, which we broke yesterday night. He says I asked your father your hand, and we exchanged garlands, and we were together. It was our right. She says it was not our right, she says I should have stopped myself, she cries, Saras looks like he is getting angry. He says if you feel what we did is wrong, then whatever happened you cannot blame yourself, I called you, I did that mistake, so you will not bear the punishment alone. Saras leaves saying this.

Kumud’s mother asks her what happened, Kumud says how should I tell you that I have broken your trust. Her mother gets shocked.

Qubool Hai - 30th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence and Rashid’s place
Alkl are confused as to what zoya is trying to say. zoya finally says that tanveer is lying, as she knows it. Asad says that tanveer is under a great stress, for various reasons, and she is accusing her. Zoya says that she’s definitely hiding something, and only tanver can tell them what is it. Tanver pretends to be very upset, and crying, she runs out of the room. Asad, giving a tough look on zoya, goes out of the room.
Dilshad says that it isnt that she’s doubting zoya, but tanveer is his best friend. She gets Rashid’s phoen, asking her not to disconnect, and she knows that she doesnt want to talk, but its his responsibility and right too to know about asad’s marriage preparations. dilshad cancels his phone. Asad comes in and says that she’s crying incoherently, saying that if everyone feels that she’s lying, then she would leave the house right away. Asad asks zoya her issues with tanveer,. and why is she accusing her. Zoya says that because she is. she says that she saw the bills, which showed tanver’s involvement. She says that tanver is definitely hiding something. She tells that tanveer hid the parcel in the bathroom, and told lie about it too. Asad says that he doesnt want to hear anything else from her, except for a sorry, as he cant let her go on an incoherent rant. Asad says that he wants zoya to apologize to tanveer, which she would have to do, and that she wont repeat it again. Zoya looks at tanveer, who is evilly smirking away. Tanhveer says that it isnt needed. Aasd says that it is, and goes to zoya saying that she may be right, but until she has the evidence she cant be believed, and hence he cant confront tanveer for the same, telling her that she wont let insult his friends like that.
Dilshad, saying that asad shouldnt prolong this now, apologizes for zoya, to tanveer. Zoya asks her not to do this, as if this is what asad wants, then she would do it. Tanveer is satisfied. She goes to tanveer, passing by asad, and facing her, says that she’s sorry and she apologizes for her mistake. Asad too isnt happy about this. Dilshad gets rashid’s call and again receives it, when she thought that she had cancelled it. Rashid thinks that this was zoya’s voice and hence there is a problem. Asad goes to tanveer and asks if she’s okay, and holds her hand, but she flinches it away saying that they still hurt after burn wounds. As asad takes tanveer away, to her room, zoya is very hurt.
Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi asks haseena and her relatives to try the koftes. The sister says that they indeed are very good, and is about to praise her when asked about her opinion. haseena says that she would try and tell how wrong and distasteful they are.
As she tries them on, haseena is shocked at such bitter taste. Badi bi asks her to take more, and not eat so less, only then would she be able to enjoy it. The sister says that they are very disgusting. Razia too comes in and says that there’s a beautiful delicacy spread out here. But haseena, having tasted the bitter taste, says that nikhat doesnt know anything about the kitchen. Razia says that nikhat should know whats her fault and what does she like. Ayan too comes in. haseena says that numbers would fall short enumerating her wrongs. Haseena senses a stomach upset, and rushes to the bathroom, boggling everyone. then her sister too rushes there. Haseena sits back, after having come and then feels the need to go again. this continues both for her and her sister. Nikhat says that this happened because of her, and she would be blamed for this too. Badi bi goes to her and says that its not her fault.
Nikhat asks haseena what happened. Haseena says that she mixed Jamaalghota in the dish, and now is asking what happened. Haseena tries to force feed nikhat, what she has made. Ayan tries to stop her, but razia says that they should let nikhat taste, as if she hasnt mixed anything, then she shouldnt have anything to worry. Her sister asks Haseena to leave. She doesnt even let razia stop her. Badi bi thinks that those who di a trap for others, often fall in it themselves. Ayan smiles.
Next day, As razia goes off to leave haseena’s relative, and nikhat with imran, to a dargah at kanjwara, for soem mannat that haseena had made, nikhat’s family too comes to bid goodbye to them. Ayan asks chandbi, haseena’s relative if she’s okay for this long journey, hinting at his digestive problem. Chandbi says that she hasforgotten all about it last night, and tells nikhat to forget it too. Ayan tells imran to take care of Nikhat as they are leaving her on his faith. razia leaves them off, telling chand bi to take care of the kids, intentionally double meaning at that.
Badi bi, coming from outside, is scared to see nikhat go. She asks ayan, and when she knows that nikhat’s going to Kanjwara, Badi bi says that its very far and the road too isnt nice, and that they shouldnt hav elet nikhta go alone and someone should have gone along with her. Razia says that nikhat is with her inlaws, and if she means to say that they wont take care of her. Badi bi is speechless.
Scene 3:
Location: On the road
Imran’s car breaks down on the road. Waiting in the heat, Imran and Nikhat are getting restless. Imran offers to go and see what thed river is upto. But chandbi stops them, and goes herself. The driver, with the bonnet of his car up, is asked by chandbi, if he knows what he has been paid for. He says that he knows and that he wont mend the car till late evening. She asks loudly how far is the dargah from here. He says that its 2, 3 hours away. Chandbi goes and tells the kids that they should go on feet, and cover the 4,5 kms on foot only, despite imran being surprised at that. She insists them to start rightaway, saying that she doesnt have the strength to cover this distance on foot, and she would come aftre getting the car mended. She also takes the mobile and bag from them, saying that they wont be needing them as it is. After they are gone, chandbi thinks that haseena always is upto something, and involves her too in it. She calls up haseena to say that her work is done.
Scene 4:
location: Asad’s residence
As dilshad makes zoya choose jewellery, she finds zoya lost. she asks if she’s still upset about asad’s anger. zoya says that its not about the anger, but the trust that he never has on her. Dilshad says that its not that asad doesnt trust her. She says that asad is very emotional, and whenever there are any issues with people he is close to, he cant bear it, and zoya is the closest to him. She tells zoya that asad just wants her to get along with tanveer who is his best friend since childhood.
Tanveer is at the dining table. As nazma excitedly takes tanveer’s hand, and drags her to the drawing room, where jewellery is being selected, zoya remembers that tanveer had flinched the last time, asad held her hand, saying taht she hasnt recovered yet from the burn wounds, but she seemed unfazed, when nazma held her at the same spot. She is surprised and tensed as to what might be the cause of this, and her mind sets to work. zoya thinks that she would find out what is tanveer upto. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: When tanveer is asleep, she finds that Tanveer’s hands are perfectly normal, and she doesnt have any burn scars. She is boggled as to how is this possible. Then, she is all the more shocked when she finds burn patches, which are lookalikes of burn wounds, on Tanveer’s dressing table. Then, she confronts asad, in everyone’s presence including tanveer, showing her the burn patches, safely collected in a selaed plastic, and asks tanveer to show everyone her burn wounds, telling everyone that tanver wasnt burnt after all.