april 27, 2013

Madhubala:EIEJ “Muskaanein jhooti hai…Pehchanein jhooti hai”

Few mins back we asked our readers, our MB viewers a question on our FB Site as to do they feel/think that RK knows Madhu’s plan not necessarily know but has an Idea, or is alert enough to know that something is just not right or in a more straight definite way “That some is FISHY”…..well the reason we asked this today of all days was because the episode tonight was one that was capable to invoke or rather generate mixed feelings in its viewers. Who was playing who???
At the start we see Madhu telling Padmini that she was going to teach RK a lesson. Which means we can draw curtains on the entire idea of Madhu taking REVENGE because we all are aware that there is a huge difference between Teaching one a Lesson and Taking revenge……The day RK used the “NOK-JHOK” wala line for what happened between them , we had written in our article that, that would be the triggering point for Madhu, that if she ever snapped that would be the driving force and Voila that’s exactly what they showed tonight…..When Madhu was explaining to her Mom what she was doing, why she was doing etc though a fictional character she was echoing the thoughts of what anybody in Madhu’s place would do. In fact many of the lines said in tonight’s episode were very well written here on TT’s MB Articles in the comment sections as well an example would be
“Usse yeh ehsaas dilana zaroori hai ki ek rishtey mein ek aurat chot khane, sehne ya takleef pahunchane ke liye nahi bani hai”
 Bingo!!!! Full Points…..
”Kuch zakham mazak uda kar, hawa mein udane se teek nahi ho jaate”.
…Bonus Points……Many fans, many viewers were upset at the way Madhu was being treated and the way she was allowing RK to do so, today every query was answered by Madhu herself. And the beauty of the sequence lay in the fact that what Madhu did was something that was essential and very much in accordance with a woman who wanted her free will, her dignity and hold over her life.
The most important person in Madhu’s life was her Mom, if she was in this world today it was because of her mom, everything Madhu was today was because of her Mom and it was really amazing that the CV’s chose to show the Mother-Daughter relationship as they always do, in the purest possible form……The reason we mentioned this here at this point was because one may feel that Madhu was doing the same thing that RK did, but the truth is she is not. What RK did then and the path that Madhu has chosen today is two different things, RK faked his love to satiate his EGO, for the 4 Slaps that Madhu presented him with in front of the entire unit. What Madhu is doing is to break that very EGO, she is standing up against the wrong which is what she has always been taught and always practiced.
Padmini’s anxiety when Madhu declared that she was going to fight RK was something, a question that was on all of our minds……How could Madhu do this? How would she pull it off, this was RK how could she beat him at his own game? But Madhu’s answer that she was Madhubala Shamsher Malik and that was how he derived her will and her strength was definitely an amazing way of putting the whole thing. Just like Padmini Ji’s anxiety, her advice was also Top Notch…..
“Kabhi Kabhi burai ko sabak sikhane ke chakkar mein, Insaan achai ki lakhsman rekha ko paar kar deta hai”
 and she did not want Madhu to cross that line, forget her values. Yes that happens a lot, and it could happen to Madhu as well, in her mission to make RK see what he did, what he was doing etc it was easy for Madhu to cross the line but Madhu was confident, confident that no matter what she would never cross the line, in other words she wouldn’t stoop low to prove her point or win this fight against RK. 
“Sabak- RK Wala Hoga, Tareeka Mera aur Sanskaar Tere” .
Well all the best Madhubala Shamsher Mallik, may you succeed in your mission.
Coming to RK, he was the surprise element in tonight’s episode…..Nahi samjhe…..Koi baat nahi read on……When Madhubala comes back one expects RK to blast, like he did the other day when he saw the CCTV footage of Sultan and Madhu but surprisingly he was calm, but not indifferent. He asks Madhu where she was and stays as cool as a cucumber the entire time….That along with the line “Ab tak neendh mein tha, ab aankh khuli hai” simply adds to the confusion.
He asks her where she was, asks her what her Mom told etc etc, but the one point that RK did not see coming, that was totally unexpected for him was Madhu telling the truth about Sultan but the CV’s did a smart thing here, they did not prolong that shot or that moment which means that there is more to this conversation. For now this was not the subject of prime importance his date with Madhu was. He gifts Madhu a beautiful off-shoulder gown and we have Rishabala ROMANCE in full bloom which looked nothing but a GAME….A Game to see who outsmarts who, who would break who. Madhu ya RK……RK is a star player, a very cunning and intelligent one but the advantage Madhu has over RK was that she was never going to take him at Face Value that, she would never underestimate him and what he was capable of doing which gives her an edge over him.
Another interesting thing about tonight’s episode was the Sikky-Dips Sequence, while Sikky tells the upcoming events in Rishabala’s life in a Fast-Forward mode, with incidents happening same like last time but Madhu leaving RK at tha altar this time, making Dipali sure that what her Husband said could actually be it, could be Madhu’s motive for staying back in RK Mansion. But if you look at the whole sequence, question yourself as to why Sikky said all that, then the conclusion you will draw is that, it was the easiest option available and somewhere that particular scene was an indication that, the same route would not be taken but with MB’s creative’s you would never know what they are upto…..
The moment Madhu told RK, that she went to Sultan’s place to meet him, and to Dipali in the precap that she should tell RK her theory without fear ek baat toh clear ho gayi ki no matter which route, what measures or means Madhu takes ,she will never take the wrong path, or deviate from her mission. Today Madhu could very well hide the whole Sultan meeting from RK, but she did not. Simply an example of what she said earlier of 
“Sabak- RK Wala Hoga, Tareeka Mera aur Sanskaar Tere”
There is a saying ki “Burai chahe kitni bhi taqatwar kyun na ho, Jeet hamesha achai ki hoti hai” and since Madhu has taken and chosen to stick to the “Achai” wala route as of now it looks like it’s Madhu’s Victory all the way……but you never know!!!
Author: Vijitha Rajan