april 28, 2013

hen 'Qubool Hai' reminds of Sharukh Khan's 'Devdas'

When 'Qubool Hai' reminds of Sharukh Khan's 'Devdas'

Mumbai: Recently we saw in Qubool Hai, after Zoya blackmailed Asad at their relative's function, some connection to Shahrukh Khan's blockbuster movie Devdas act in 'Qubool Hai' where apart from Asad, Zoya, Tanveer and Dilshaad, Sheerin, Razia and Rashid were also present and a dialogue delivered instantly reminded of Devdas. The dialogue was spelled by a furious Asad' mother. 

Sheerin and Asad's mother Dilshaad come face to face, Sheerin curses Dilshaad and starts with shower of insults for her, meanwhile Razia also joins Sheerin.

Sheerin says Dilshaad is jealous that Ayaan was getting engaged before Asad and she will never forgive Dilshaad for her involvement with Rashid.

Even Sheerin goaded her son Asad to never get married and remain unhappy for life. After this statement Dilshaad loses her temper and snaps back same like Paro's mother in Devdas.

In Devdas Paro's mother gave smashing reply to Kaushalya devi and said, "Aj se saat din k andar agar maine apni beti ka byaah tumse oonche gharane me na kiya toh aanthve din ajana mera maatam manaane."

Now in Qubool Hai Asad's mother says, "Aj se dus din ke andar mere Asad ka nikaah hoga aur zaroor hoga, maaf kijiyega Sheerin Bibi agar ap log ayenge toh mujhe bilkul khushi nahi hogi."

OMG, Dilshaad bibi, huge round of applause for you. Now people are keen to see what will happen next week in Qubool Hai.